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VINYL – Care & Cleaning Suggestions

WARNING Many strong cleaning agents such as dishwashing detergents, bleaches or any petroleum based cleaners or solvents can permanently damage vinyl and should never be used.  Powdered abrasives, cleaners containing abrasives, steel wool, and industrial strength cleaners are not recommended for vinyl.  Any lacquer solvent will cause immediate irreparable damage to vinyl.  Wax should never […]

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Care and Cleaning of Sunbrella (Marine fabrics)

Care and Cleaning Tips (Sunbrella, Sunbrella Supreme)  

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Top Snapper Canvas Tool

The Top-Snapper canvas snap tool takes the struggle out of snapping your boat canvas! Experienced boaters know that putting up and removing canvas top is seldom easy. Canvas shrinks, snaps corrode, and aligning snaps can quickly become a two-person job.The Top-Snapper boat canvas tool’s two stainless steel blades slip over the snap shoulder to snap […]

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Boat snaps

Are you having issues with your boat snaps… A little vaseline will do the trick!!  

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